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Full-Cycle Development Services

Clients come to us for turnkey solutions and to entrust their projects to domain experts. From initial consulting, to wireframes, to rolling out on cloud servers — we're here to help.

Design Services

Good design can turn a simple website into a viral sensation. It can also give the most complex enterprise software intuitive user flows. And, of course, no brand is complete without an iconic logo. So, when it comes time to find qualified UI, UX, and brand designers — look no further than AmericanIT. Our creative design team will ensure that every pixel is where it needs to be, and every user-interaction leaves a lasting, positive impression.

  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Brand/Logo Design
  3. Product Design
design services
development services

Development Services

We go beyond writing code. We choose the best architecture for your project, and work on the assumption that your project will change and grow — so flexibility and scalability are a must. We have over 150 developers who are ready to start work on your project using a myriad of languages, frameworks, and development methodologies.

  1. Mobile Development
  2. Product Development
  3. Cloud Services
  4. DevOps

Testing & QA

No project (and we really mean this!) can be rolled out without extensive software testing and QA. We have a holistic approach to testing — automating as much as we can (to save your time and budget), and testing the rest on over 250 physical devices to ensure optimal performance regardless of the devices your clients/users will be working on.

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automated Testing
testing and qa

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