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Virtual Trial Room

The virtual trial room is created to help the online clothing retailers in overcoming issues of low conversion rates and also the issues of high garment return rates.


There used to be a time when consumers had apprehensions while shopping online as they were unable to try out the garments or jewelry they wished to buy. But with the introduction of virtual trial room, it just seems a finger tap away to try out and buy online. Online retailers are trying their best to offer the buyers all the facilities that an actual shopping experience would give them while shopping online.


Earlier, an image of the product was all that a buyer could see when shopping online. After spending a big amount on clothing or jewelry, sometimes one gets disappointed to see that the piece of clothing or the jewelry purchased; doesn’t look good on them. However, the virtual trial room has emerged as a savior for many online shoppers. With new innovations in technology, consumers can now have a close look at the fabric. They can view how it looks in a virtual trial room before buying a product.


The online sellers who are into apparel, jewelry, accessories, eyewear or even home decor business, all are betting high on ‘virtual trial’ applications. It provides greater level of satisfaction to the consumer.  Although the virtual trial room cannot give the same experience of a real trial room, but the consumer can get a good idea of how the garment looks on him or her.

It is to be noted that virtual trial rooms are now using the classiest technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Augmented Reality (AR). Online shopping has completely reached a new level with the introduction of AR. With the help of webcam, we can try out clothes, jewelry, accessories or even hats. This makes it easier for the buyer to decide which one to purchase and which one to let go.


AR uses a built up camera that identifies the human body and displays the garment on the body. In this way, one can try hundreds of garments without actually changing the dress. Furthermore, a big video screen is attached to Kinnect which is similar to a full length mirror to get a view of the garments. This new approach of shopping is welcomed by the buyers at large.


It has become a child’s play to shop online using these technologies. The term ‘virtual trial’ is not only for apparels but it can be used for jewelry, eyewear and accessories shopping. It swears to unite the virtual world of internet to the real world and opening boundless opportunities to the consumers. It is easy for the online companies to bring the virtual world to the rooms of a common man. As internet and 3G has become extensively popular and with introduction of 4G devices, online shopping will only get bigger.


Moreover, there are various techniques offered while shopping online. Many shopping stores offer mannequins in their virtual trial rooms. This lets people choose a mannequin that best suits their color and size. They can even adjust the hair style. Once they are done with it, they can select clothes and match the accessories and get an idea of what looks best on them.


Also, there are stores that give one an online tailor. It means just as a tailor would take different measurements of one’s body, one needs to provide this information and a matching figure will come up on which they can try out the dresses. In addition, the buyers with the help of webcam can click their pictures and then click on the product.


The application is created for both the retailers/brands and the customers. The features for the both these modules are as follows